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Engraving of Junction of the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Lowell, Mass. Clipped from an unknown and undated publication. Engraving depicts a riverside view with trees and several people in the foreground and factories, the river, and a bridge in the…

LOWE 9512008.jpg
Albumen photoprint, PLC # 343. "Left Shore Merrk. River 0 - 33 P.M. / 40 ft. below Mouth of Broughton Ave. Sewer. / Oct 20, 1897. Looking up stream." Unbound, Box 13 of 20.

32-01-F low--6393.jpg
Volume One of a twelve volume series of printed booklets titled "Art Work of Lowell and Vicinity" containing b/w photographs of Lowell architecture and cityscapes. Essay "Historical Sketch of Lowell" by Rev. L.C. Manchester continues through volumes.…

14-a- Lowell view 1839 LOWE6388.jpg
Tinted copy of 1839 Edmund L. Barber wood engaving entitled "East View of Lowell, Mass." Made from a drawing by J. W. Barber. Further text reads "The above is an eastern view of the central part of Lowell as seen from elevatged ground on the Dracut…

Color picture postcard. Recto reads "Canal Walk Lowell, Mass" and handwritten "J. L. P." Verso has handwritten ".75" above "Card". Shows Northern Canal Walk. See LOWE-4433.

LOWE 6448 Mileofmills.jpg
Hand tinted color photo with red ink caption "Mills on Merrimack River, LOWELL, Mass." River in foreground, mills with smokestacks in distance. Verso with handwritten message; cancellation from Lowell; one cent green stamp. View shows Mile of Mills.

Engraving of view of Merrimack Street, Lowell, Mass. Clipped from an unidentified issue of Ballou's Pictorial Drawing Room Companion, p. 265. Engraving depicts the street with a church at the end, businesses along the sides and townspeople…

Bird's Eye View of Lowell.pdf
A birds-eye view of the ??? mill complex
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